Business cards are typically the first piece of advertising a potential customer comes in contact with. Whether it’s a stack of cards prominently displayed inside a business or a single card being handed out by an individual, it’s important for businesses to select a card that makes the customer want to keep the card rather than tossing it away. Below are five tips for business looking to produce a kick-ass business card.

1. Select a colour scheme that is both eye catching and reflective of the nature of your business. If your company stresses environmental friendliness and green methods, a card featuring earthy tones mixed with blues and greens conveys the appearance of earth friendliness. Cards featuring bright, vibrant colours indicates high energy and stylishness. Softer pastel colours present an image of being relaxing, calming and stress free.

2. Text and font choice should be easy to read and set the tone for your business “personality.” A fun, whimsical font would be ideal for businesses that cater to children and young adults. More formal script fonts give the appearance of classic elegance and formality, which would be appropriate for businesses that provide upscale services. A bold color choice can catch the customer’s eye from a fair distance away and prompt prospective clients to pick up the card.

3. Material choice for the card should be the highest quality affordable. A textured paper or thick, heavy weight card stock feels expensive and appeals to the sense of touch. Some businesses may choose to use a variety of materials, such as translucent vellum or thin metal, which can be appropriate for certain types of businesses. For example, vellum or an onion skin paper can be used for more formal social businesses, such as photographers, interior designers, banquet facilities, or other artistic businesses. Metal business cards would be appropriate for businesses in the technology industry or for those in contracting, drafting, or architecture.

4. A strong logo should be included that incorporates your business image. An eye catching logo can be recognized on other marketing pieces, such as letterhead, signs, and billboards. Your logo can incorporate your business name, colour theme, and even a high resolution graphic. A professionally designed logo will enhance the image of the business and become more widely recognized as time goes on. Many businesses have chosen a logo to represent their business on marketing items rather than the business name itself.

5. A high resolution photographic image can add a personalized touch for businesses that deal one on one with clients. Real estate agents, physicians, politicians, and other high profile people have chosen to use a professional head shot on their business cards, which makes them physically recognizable to the public. This can make it easy for customers to identify them when setting up business meetings or appointments.

By following these simple tips, businesses can produce a bold, prominent and original business card that stands above the rest and is guaranteed to be put in the hands of prospective clients, prompting them to want to learn more. 

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