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Business cards are typically the first exposure a potential customer will have to your business, so it’s important to make a great first impression with an eye-catching business card. Below are five unique business card examples that show the importance of thinking outside the box when it comes to business cards…

The Impact of Colors


Bright colors definitely draw attention and will ensure that your business card won’t get lost in the shuffle of a stack of boring white cards. For example, Diana Gomez’s business card features a vibrant aqua blue and orange color scheme that stands out and gets noticed.

The Impact of Patterns


A trendy graphic pattern can give your business card a touch of personality. The Lux Project by Moo’s business card shows off a whimsical vintage pattern in a luxurious golden color. Patterns can grab a customer’s attention and can be used throughout your company’s branding for continuity.

The Impact of Materials


Business cards aren’t just solid white cardstock anymore! Gabriella Cook’s business card is designed with a frosted opaque material that looks and feels original. Cards can also be crafted from vellum, plastic, or thinly machined metal.

The Impact of Shapes


A unique shape to your business card will guarantee that your contacts won’t soon forget your company. David Fernandez Huerta’s pink whale business card has an adorable whale cutout shape and lists all of his contact information on both sides of the card.

The Impact of Fonts


Your business card’s text can make a lasting impression by using a creative font. Megan Martinez uses a vintage inspired font to grab her clients’ attention and leave a memorable impression.