While Internet marketing is important for today’s businesses, professional marketers still use time honored tried and true techniques such as brochures and flyers. In fact, Internet marketing techniques are now focusing upon local marketing like never before. For any size business and every type of industry it is much easier to build a strong customer base from a locally focused strategy.

Local Marketing

The most obvious benefit of using flyers and brochures are the fruitful opportunities available to establish a presence in the local community. The stronger the business presence, the more of a chance to become well-recognized within the region. The resultant word of mouth affords additional growth within any community. Below are just a few of the numerous ways to tap into the local marketplace using flyers and brochures to advertise and market your business.


1. Send mailings to local customers. The first step to local marketing is to make the existing customer base more aware of your business. One of the best ways to do this is to mail brochures, flyers and other materials to customers. Existing customers often refer new prospects, so always keep information about the base separate for special and different marketing opportunities. For example, validating former customers with special incentives is a great way to establish more loyalty. Rent or purchase lists of names and addresses from mailing list providers.

Designing the Materials

2. Design a creative promotion or offer. Hire professional writers and printing staff to help design the materials and advise on how best to proceed.

3. Make bold, attention getting statements in the brochures and flyers. Keep marketing materials focused, simple and on the branding message. Always include complete contact information such as physical address, phone number, e-mail and website information. Finally, include a very clear call-to-action so that it is easy for prospects to respond.

Business Partnerships

4. Establish business partnerships. Good relationships with other local businesses can go a long way toward establishing any new or existing business in an area. Pooling resources not only extends the marketing reach, but helps to cement each business by raising visibility in communities.

5. Conduct research to determine which local businesses could complement your company, for example, services or products that can go along as a companion piece to other businesses. Approach those businesses and propose partnerships. Check with the local Chamber of Commerce for events where it would be easy to introduce yourself.

6. Leave custom flyers and brochures at neighboring businesses. After partnering with relevant local companies, place brochures and flyers on bulletin boards and in various prominent places at local stores. Arrange to place their marketing materials at your place of business for reciprocity. Also, consider making an agreement to refer customers and ask that they do the same for your business.

Discount Incentives

7. Offer discount incentives to customers who are referred from neighboring businesses if the partner companies are agreeable. In these situations there are limitless opportunities for cross-promotion.

Finally, remember that many community conscious consumers today prefer to support local businesses. Use every opportunity possible to establish and grow the local presence with all of your marketing materials.